The workshop Émaux Métaux


The workshop
Émaux Métaux has opened its doors in 2004.
Carried by Marie-Hélène SOYER, the workshop is specialized in the creation of enameled metal pieces (copper, steel, stainless steel, additive matter, precious metals). 

Marie-Hélène places a rich personal world, poetic and prolific at custom product’s service, orders and one-off.
Each part goes along with a story, in the form of a unique book extending the dream.

All of our pieces are produced in our whorkshops in France.

Rare savoir-faire, the enamelling on metals enables to answer to many expectations.
Outside, signage and landscape decoration.
Inside, kitchen, bathroom, decoration, wall elements, sculptures, customized objects.

The enamel is glass or crystal powder, coloured with metallic oxides.
It applies with a brush, a spatula, with a enamel sprayer, by dusting on copper, steel, silver and gold.
Then, the technique involves a serie of quick firing -from 1 to 7 minuts- to high temperature, between 770 °C and 850° C.

The enamelling on metals is a high quality and lasting material.

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